Be Prepared!

Hiking on the 28 mile, Trail Between The Lakes, in the Sabine National Forest you will find a working forest in the Piney Woods of East Texas. Many miles of the trail have no cell phone service, so it is vital that you are prepared for your day-hike or backpacking trip as it may be very hard to get help if you get hurt or lost.  You may only intend to hike for 2-3 hours, but always carry supplies so you could spend the night just in case of weather, or injury. Just to name a few.



      The Forest Service will periodically conduct "Prescribed Burns", in Spring-time, on different compartments of the forest to improve wildlife habitat, prevent catastrophic wildfires, kill invasive species of plants, and better forest health. Check with the Sabine National Forest district office before hiking at 409-625-1940  
The Forest Service will place ribbon across the trail, on the day of the prescribed burn, to make sure nobody is hiking the trail. Do not cross ribbon stretched across the trail. If you see a helicopter flying low overhead or smell smoke on the trail while hiking, get out to the closest road.


    Always leave word with someone when going hiking or backpacking as to where you are hiking, when entering & expect to leave forest, so if they don't hear from you they can get help for you. This is wildland forest that can have unpredictable weather, animals, insects, and possibility for injury. Know your limitations.  


  1. Water - Minimum of Two quarts per person in winter,  Four quarts per person  in summer
  2. Footwear - Sturdy boots that support your ankles and water-proof are good. No flip-flops.
  3. Map - Electronic map on phone is good, but batteries can fail. Print off a map from this site and put in zip-lock bag.
  4. Compass - Lots of good websites to teach you how to use it. Look at it before hiking to know North, South, East, West.
  5. Day Pack - Small pack for your items
  6. First Aid Kit - Basic kit with bandages, roller gauze, etc. It's a long way to get help. A small injury can be bad without some basic first aid. 
  7. Poncho - Small & inexpensive. Great if it rains and can be used as shelter if you did have to spend the night.
  8. Emergency Blankets - Small, foil blanket can be a life saver. 
  9. Brain - Know your limits & weather conditions. Don't take chances.
  10. Hug-A- Tree / Whistle - Teach children that if they get separated or lost to "hug a tree" and blow whistle. Children are often close to trail or campsite. The more they walk the more lost they get.
  11. Food - Trail mix, energy bars, sandwiches.
  12. Insect Repellent - Mosquitoes and ticks can spread diseases. 


  1. Water - 1 gallon jugs can be left in brush at road crossings. Put name and date left on jug.
  2. Use Leave No Trace practices to reduce impact on forest.
  3. Contact the Sabine Nation Forest to see if a "BURN BAN" is in place before building a campfire. Never leave a campfire alone and make sure it is "Dead Out" - No heat from ashes. Drown with water and stir ashes. 
  4. Weather - A Texas winter can 80 degree F, then a cold front comes through and it's 30 degree F.  Have appropriate clothing.
  5. Hunting Season - Hiking trails have a 150 yard buffer in which no gun can be shot inside or across. Wear hunters orange. Hunter may walk on the trail to access the forest.
  6. Camping Along the Trail - Most of the year you can primitive camp anywhere along the trail. However, during deer rifle season from October to second week of January camping is ONLY ALLOWED in Recreation Areas and Designated Hunters Camps.  See downloadable maps on hunters camps and Moore's Plantation wildlife management area. 

One of two types of trail markers in the Trail Between The Lakes (TBTL).

One of two types of trail markers on the TBTL


Phone Mapping App


MAPRIKA is a free mapping app for your phone.

Click here to download Maprika for Android. 

Click here to download Maprika for Apple devices. 

After you have installed the app, click of the following links to install the TBTL section maps.

If links don't work search for "tbtl" on the Maprika website.

Maprika Map of TBTL 1 

Maprika Map of TBTL 2 

Maprika Map of TBTL 3 

Maprika Map of TBTL 4 

The Trail Between The Lakes (TBTL) is divided into four section maps that can be downloaded and printed from your computer. Put in a zip-lock bag to be weather tight. 

We also have a PDF with GPS coordinates of road crossings and Trailheads if you want to stash drinking water at road crossings. Put your name & date left on water jugs.  

MAPS FOR Downloads

Four section maps of the Trail Between the Lakes. 

Start of trail is a Trailhead # 1 in Lakeview Recreation Area. Maps are numbered East to West, 1 -4. 

Put printed map in a zip-lock bag to keep it water proof during a hike. 

TBTL Sections 1 (jpg)


TBTL Sections 2 (jpg)


TBTL Sections 3 (jpg)


TBTL Sections 4 (jpg)


TBTL - Trailheads and Road Crossings GPS Coordinates (pdf)


Sabine National Forest map (pdf)


Hunters Camps Map - Sabine National Forest (pdf)


MoorePlantation_WMA_Map_ Hunting (pdf)